The boom in low cost airlines means it’s easier than ever to take a short break in cities around Europe. But if you’re arriving late on Friday evening and leaving on Sunday, you need to cram as much into your time there as possible. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do your research at home then send it to your smartphone so you can hit the ground running?

That’s the idea behind You select your destination from the list of over a hundred, then go through the listings of top attractions, shopping spots, restaurants and bars. You can also find hotels if you haven’t already. You select any that interest you and once you’re finished, you’ll get a personalised itinerary that can be printed off, stored as a pdf or sent to your smartphone. Even better, if it’s on your phone, the attractions will be shown using an off-line map, meaning you won’t get charged for data roaming. You need to sign up, but using the site and app are free.

I’m currently planning a trip to Copenhagen, so I tried creating an itinerary for that city. I selected all the main tourist attractions, such as the Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid and Nyhavn. For each one, you can bring up a short description as well as visitor reviews. I also like a beer, so looked at the ‘Bar’ selection. There were a few local breweries listed (Copenhagen is the home of Carlsberg!) and, intriguingly, somewhere described as ‘Copenhagen’s only table tennis bar’. I selected that! I could also browse cafés and restaurants to add to my list, including the world famous Noma.

It was pretty easy to put everything either into a list or a map view and access this by my phone. Although the list of destinations is limited at present, with a lot more European ones than worldwide, I can see this growing to become a really useful site.

You can start putting together your guides at

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