AirBnB has revolutionised the accommodation market by allowing people to rent out their spare rooms to visitors. Now the same thing is happening to food. is a website that puts travellers in contact with locals who are offering to provide a meal in their home. It’s a real alternative to using a restaurant with the added benefit that you get a chance to meet new people in a more intimate setting. There’s also the possibility to eat local food that might not be obvious or readily available elsewhere.

The website currently covers over 200 cities around the world, from Tampa to Tokyo, and you can search on the dates you’re visiting. You’ll get a list of hosts, the cost per person and the option to book.

There’s a detailed description of the meals on offer as well as information about your host and the venue. Like AirBnB, you can also read reviews provided by previous guests, covering areas like food quality and cleanliness. That provides some reassurance if you’re planning to visit a stranger’s home.

Some examples on offer in December include a Tropical Brazilian Experience in the country’s capital, Brasilia. The five-course menu includes coalho cheese, a coconut salad, chicken curry with banana and cashew and an Amazonian cheesecake.

Alternatively, how about trying some Far East-inspired cuisine, prepared by a Singaporean who now lives Copenhagen. Dishes include Mongolian beef, bok choy in oyster sauce and matcha green tea pudding.

The site also lists special events like wine tastings, cooking workshops and even Cluedo evenings! Many of these seem to be popular with other locals as well, not just visitors, so it could be a good way to meet new people or practice a language if you travel to a city often, such as on business.

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