Most people travelling between cities in Europe will instinctively book a flight. But there are other ways to travel around the continent – such as by train or coach. The problem is, it’s not always easy to find the routes and, more importantly, compare the prices. That’s where has tried to do something different.

It’s a search engine that allows you to put in your start and end points and travel dates. But unusually, this one will give you details of all three modes of transport. I recently had a lot of trouble trying to find the cheapest and quickest way to get from Groningen in Holland to Copenhagen in Denmark. So I plugged this into GoEuro to see what it would offer me. It told me the cheapest route would be by train, costing £34. But it also told me it would take around ten hours and involve up to five changes! It might be cheap, but it’s not that easy.

It gave me an alternative – taking a coach. That would still take twelve hours, but I’d only have to change once in Bremen and it was about the same price.

The site is particularly good for domestic travel. I looked up my options for travelling from Bath to Edinburgh. The site allows you to select different ways of showing the best routes, based on factors such as price or speed. I chose the ‘smartest’ option, which takes both of those into account. The site told me that my best bet was by train – A Virgin East Coast service taking just under seven hours and costing £59. For around the same money, I could take the Easyjet flight from Bristol Airport, but that would involve transport to and from the airport at each end, adding to the cost and time. But if money was tight, I could choose the coach. The site told me that would take 14 hours and cost just £11!

The site could be useful way of finding out your options before going on to make a more detailed search of prices and options on individual travel booking sites. You can try it at

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