You’re making detailed plans for your trip of a lifetime. You’ve read the hotel reviews and chosen your airline. You’ve even checked which are the best seats on the plane. And you know the weather is going to be perfect – not too hot and not too cold. But I bet you’ve forgotten to check whether there are any public holidays in your destination on the day you arrive. Will you be able to get dinner or a taxi from the airport?

A quick look at will put your mind at rest. The website lists holiday dates in 133 countries around the world. It will tell you whether it’s a public holiday, with a day off work, or if it’s just ceremonial or religious. And you can search based on a country, a continent, a date or a particular religion. And within federal countries, like the USA or Australia, you can select individual states, which might celebrate some holidays at different times to the rest of the country.

Another neat feature of the site is a brief explanation of what the holiday is actually celebrating. I’ve always wondered what Assumption Day was – something celebrated in many European countries. It turns out it’s an old religious festival related to the Catholic Church.

There are also useful notes attached to the entries for each country. For example in Britain, if a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it gets moved to the next working day. But in France it doesn’t – you lose that holiday. Instead, if a public holiday falls on a Thursday, most businesses will also close on the Friday. It’s known as a ‘pont’ or bridge.

The site shows information for the current year as well the next, so should cover most people’s travel needs.

So if you want to keep up-to-date with important dates, then bookmark

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