Taking a holiday is an exciting time. But there are some members of the family that might find it stressful – your beloved pets. So what are your options if you don’t have a neighbour or friend who can pop in to take care of Fluffy the cat? Or what if Fido the dog doesn’t like staying in kennels?

Trusted Housesitters could be the answer. This website is partnered with the RSPCA and puts house sitters in touch with people who need their help to look after pets while they’re away. It means someone will offer their services for free – in return you allow them to stay in your house.

Many sitters are animal lovers who use it as a way to get a cheap holiday, either in this country or abroad. It’s also better for your pets too – vets say that animals who remain in their home environment while their family is on holiday are less stressed.

The website says the sitters are verified and their IDs checked, so you can be sure you’re not opening up your house to anyone. They’re also reviewed by previous pet owners.

The site covers over 130 countries, so if you’re interested in joining as a pet sitter, it could be a good way to find accommodation during your travels. However, you will have to pay a monthly fee to register as a sitter or a pet owner.

While Trusted Housesitters claims to be the largest website of this kind, you could also check out Paw Shake which lists house sitters as well as other paid-for services like dog walking.

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