Have you run out of ideas about where to take your next holiday or weekend break? Then head over to Trip Tuner.

The website has a very simple concept – you move six sliders describing the type of holiday you want and it comes up with a series of suggested destinations. Click on that destination to read a short summary and view photos. The sliders cover things such as Relaxing or Active, Adult or Kid-Friendly and Bikini or Parka.

I set them to maximum for Relaxing, Adult, Parka, Mountain, Urban and Thrifty. Top hits for me included Alba in Italy, Denver and Santiago in Chile. Other picks included various cities in Switzerland, such as Lucerne and Zurich. I was intrigued by one choice – Park City in Utah. Clicking on the image told me this is a, “wealthy ski village” with an “annual film festival” and “multiple mountain adventures.”

Moving two of the sliders over to Bikini and Beach gave very different results, such as Cancun, Saparua Island in Indonesia and the Greek island of Mykonos.

So if you’re really struggling for inspiration, try having a play on TripTuner.com. You just might find your perfect destination.

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