I’m spending the summer with my daughter and her family who live near Barcelona. I’m travelling with Ryanair and want to take a large suitcase, probably weighing about 30kg, as I’ll be away for several weeks. Someone’s told me it will be cheaper to use a luggage courier company to send my bag out, instead of paying Ryanair’s baggage fees. Are they correct? Mary, Falmouth

Unfortunately, Ryanair has one of the highest checked-in baggage fees of any low cost airline in Europe. For a flight to Spain you’ll be charged £25 each way for a 15kg suitcase, or £35 for a 20kg bag. If you’re intending to take two suitcases, each with 15kg, then the pre-booked price will be £50 each way. Don’t be tempted to try taking 30kg in one bag. The maximum for each bag is 20kg so you’ll be charged a 10kg excess baggage fee – an eye watering £100!

I did a quick check online with some of the popular courier companies. SendMyBag.com quoted £32 each way for a single bag up to 30kg, so this was cheaper than Ryanair. But DirectBaggage.com quoted £60 each way and LuggageDeliveryCompany.com quoted £65 each way.

Of course, there are some advantages to sending your baggage ahead. If you’re travelling alone, you won’t have to carry all that cumbersome luggage. But the downside is that you’ll need to be organised in advance. The courier companies will want to collect your bag up to a few days before you travel, although on the plus side, your bag will probably arrive at the destination before you do.

Also, remember not to pack any valuables in your luggage and carry all personal medication or other essentials in your hand luggage.

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