Have you ever spent hours searching for the cheapest flight on the web, changing dates until you find what you think is the best deal? Then you should try Adioso.

Adioso allows you to be more vague in your search and use more natural-style language.

You can use the more traditional boxes to enter in your chosen departure and arrival points as well as a range of dates or months. But where Adioso really comes into its own is if you use the search facility.

I typed in ‘London to Rome in July returning about 1 week later.’ Adioso found a Ryanair flight from Stansted to Rome Ciampino Airport, leaving on 4th July and returning on the 13th, for £119.

The site will show prices in one week blocks either side of these dates too, so you can refine your search further if the first date given isn’t the most convenient for you.

I would recommend using this to explore your options a bit further because you can often find some even cheaper combinations than the first one that Adioso gives you. It’s also a good way to find the cheapest days in the month to travel on your chosen route, which you can then enter into other flight search sites.

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