If you travel a lot, either for leisure or business, then you’ll know it can be hard keeping track of your plans. Where did you store the details on your flights, hotel bookings, train travel or car hire? Since lots of bookings are now done online, finding the crucial email with the booking reference or flight times can take hours trawling through old messages.

That’s where websites like TripIt.com can be so useful. Once you’ve signed up for a free account, you just forward any confirmation emails to TripIt and it will automatically strip out the relevant information and documents and place them in your own trip planner. You can even set it to automatically scan your inbox for travel-related emails.

TripIt’s system will organise your travel into particular itineraries and provide you with the relevant information, such as flight times and booking numbers, contact details, hotel maps and even store the original confirmation documents. You’ll get a simple list view arranged chronologically, so you can see at a glance the flight or hotel that is coming up next.

There’s an iPad and smartphone app, which allows you to access the information while you’re on the move and will synchronise with your calendar. And you can share your plans with the people travelling with you, useful if you’re taking a holiday with a group of friends or family.

You can get details and sign up for a free account at TripIt.com.

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