Where you sit on a plane can make all the difference between a dream flight and the journey from hell, especially if you’re going to be in the air for a while. And most airlines will now let you choose where you sit either for free, or for a small additional fee. So how do you know which seat to pick?

That’s where the website SeatGuru.com is essential. It contains seating plans for the aircraft of hundreds of airlines around the world, giving stats on legroom and seat width as well as how close certain areas are to disturbances, like toilets, food preparation areas or baby cot fixing points.

There are real flyer reviews on seat comfort, food and how good the in flight entertainment is. It’ll also tell you whether the seat you’re in has a power socket, to keep your gadgets charged on a long journey.

And the seat maps use a traffic light-type colour code to show you which seats to grab and which to avoid.

For example, Easyjet’s Airbus A320s have two rows of exit seats in the middle of the plane. The company will charge you extra for these because they have plenty of legroom. But what many people don’t realise is that the front row of seats don’t recline.

And did you know there’s a very special economy class seat on British Airways’ new A380 super jumbos? 25D and has masses of legroom because there’s a seat missing in front of it. That’s because it’s on top of an emergency exit for the crew rest area.

It’s worth having a quick look on Seat Guru before deciding which seat to choose on your next flight. Just don’t look too smug when your fellow passengers compliment you on how lucky you were to get that great seat!

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