Which British airports come out top and which are also-rans? Web-based booking company Cheapflights say regional airports are better than the bigger ones.

They surveyed 2,550 passengers for their views on Wi-Fi access, dining and drinking options, the speed of getting through security and loo facilities.

The respondents rated Newcastle as number one, followed by Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff and Glasgow.

Luton was worst, while Stansted and Gatwick were also in the bottom three.

The Sunday Times has also published statistics for public transport to Gatwick Airport.

The Gatwick Express train, which links the airport with Victoria station in central London, is the most delayed service in the UK. The statistics show that 34% of trains have been at least five minutes late this year. 11% of services, that’s 2,600 trains, were more than 30 minutes late or cancelled.

If that’s not bad enough, the 15-minute journey is also very expensive at £19.90 one-way. And unlike Heathrow, you don’t have the cheaper alternative of using the tube to reach central London.

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