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If you need to move between two destinations it can be tricky working out the best mode of transport. If you want a dual city break in both Barcelona and Madrid, how could you easily find the cheapest or fastest way to travel?

Go to Rome2Rio.com. It’s clever because it calculates both the flight or train-ride time and the transfer time to and from the airport or railway station. You might think that flying between the cities is fastest – you’ll be in the air for 75 minutes. But when you factor in the train travel to and from the airports, and time for check in, the total journey is 4 hours and 10 minutes. The plane costs around £30 if you book ahead.

The train is £50 but the total journey time is shorter at two-and-a-half hours. The Rome2Rio site also displays the route between two points on a map and offers bus or rental car driving options too. It’s brilliant and I have checked its accuracy in South Korea and New Zealand. It is pretty good. Driving from Madrid to Barcelona will take around six-and-a-half hours to cover the 385 miles. I’d take the train personally – you’ll arrive in the city centre.

The website address is Rome2Rio.com

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