Posting photos when you’re abroad and tagging locations on social media mean 40% of holidaymakers are at risk of burglary, according to British insurance company Admiral.

Their study claims that one in six social media users have fully open accounts, which means that anyone can see what they write and even where they are currently or where they are going. Nearly a third (30%) of people allow live check-in functions or location tagging while they’re away from home on Facebook. So ‘Burglar Bill’ will know you’ve just arrived in time for cocktails at Margaritaville in Key West.

40% of us post pictures on social media while on holiday with Instagram users being the most likely to do so. Then again it is a photo-based website. Maybe you should hold back and add your snaps once you’re home. And 30% of people have also mentioned a future holiday on social media, notifying followers when they will be away from home.

Admiral’s expert says that you should, “turn off location-sharing features, update your privacy settings and stop broadcasting to people who aren’t in your immediate group of friends. You can alter your Facebook settings, for instance, so only a defined group, like Friends and Acquaintances or a handpicked collection of mates can see your sunny selfies.

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