If trying local food is as important to your holiday as the location, then you need to check out the website Eat Your World.

This isn’t the usual Tripadvisor-style restaurant guide. Instead, there are details of native or traditional food and drink in places all around the world, from Miami to Myanmar. The site also gives recommendations on where you can try these specialties – including cafes, street vendors, bakeries and holes-in-the-wall up to high-end restaurants.

And although the site was set up by a US-based travel writer and photographer, users are invited to upload their own local food stories along with pictures and recommendations. For example in Switzerland, the site says you should sample sausage with goulash soup while in Slovenia, go for seafood risotto or roast suckling pig with garlic potatoes. Amusingly, the site lists England’s delicacies as bread and butter pudding, bacon butties and crumpets.

Even the USA, which many people think is all about fried chicken, steaks and hamburgers has an amazing variety of regional foods. There are Mexican-inspired burritos in Arizona, fried oyster poboys in New Orleans and gooey butter cake in Missouri. The site also gives recommendations on local drinks including a range of trendy craft beers in the US.

You can start exploring the world of food at eatyourworld.com.

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