So you’ve got two weeks off in November. You want to go somewhere that’s warm and sunny, but you don’t want to travel for hours on a plane to get there. Where do you go? Turn to for the answer.

This simple website allows you to enter your travel month, the continent you want to visit, and your preferred maximum and minimum temperatures. It will then come up with a list of potential destinations, based on the actual average weather data for that location.

I searched for places in Europe that had a minimum average temperature of 15°C in November. I got a list of 21 destinations, with the top hit being Antalya in Turkey, followed by Mykonos in Greece and Valletta in Malta. All of the other destinations were in Greece, apart from Sorrento in Italy and Ponta Delgada in the Azores, out in the Atlantic. You’ll also see the average number of ‘wet days’ for each location to help you decide.

Another way to use the site is simply to click on the ‘where to go in’ link for each month. I chose February and the site told me that southern Europe should be on my list for warm, spring weather. It also told me Burma and the Philippines are free from typhoons at this time of the year, so a good time to visit. It’s also a great time for a trek in the Moroccan desert, because it’s cooler there.

But I was told to avoid Indonesia, the Seychelles and Polynesia, which have their rainy season in February, and Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius where there would still be a high risk of cyclones.

There’s a brief description of each destination, which shows the weather conditions through the year, but also lists things to do and essential information on currency, health, costs and safety.

So next time you see that cheap, last-minute deal advertised, take a quick look at to find out whether you’ll need to buy sun cream or an umbrella.

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