You need to visit Canada in 2017, according to Lonely Planet. The nation will be marking 150 years since confederation and plenty of partying is expected.

At number two on the list of countries to see next year is Colombia, with Finland placed third on the list.

Lonely Planet’s editors believe Bordeaux in France is the city to visit in 2017, as next year the high-speed train link will cut travel time from Paris to two hours. Cape Town in South Africa is second choice with Los Angeles placed number three.

If, like many people, you’re watching your finances with the plummeting pound, the travel company has also helpfully listed the places that offer the best value.

A day of hiking and wildlife watching could set you back under US$50 each day in Nepal and that’s why Lonely Planet say it’s the best value destination. At number two is Namibia in south west Africa, which offers deserts and dunes and plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities. Porto in Portugal is third best value.

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