If you enjoy water-based activities, there’s a perfect location for every sport somewhere in Europe. Visit Croatia for sea kayaking. San Sebastian in northern Spain is the place to go for surfing. But if you want to windsurf or kitesurf, you might want to head to the southernmost point of continental Europe.

“Watersports draw most people to Tarifa. There are 55 schools for kite surfing,” says travel writer and copywriter Joseph Kennedy from StingyNomad.co.uk. Joseph has relocated to this interesting town at the southern tip of Spain. “They say it’s the windiest town in Europe. It’s on a peninsular between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and there’s a real gust. When you are on the beach you feel it. You feel the sand pelting you. You’ll see the choppy waves and people running away from the sand clouds. Turn around, and you’ll see that the mountains and hills are covered in windmills. It’s important to the economy here. The terms Levante, meaning the easterly wind that blows through the Straits of Gibraltar, or Ponente, referring to the westerly, is used almost daily here.”

Tarifa is just 40 minutes drive west of Gibraltar and lies directly opposite Morocco. And Joseph says there is a North African appearance to the place. “This was a Moroccan town under Moroccan rule for 600 years from 711 AD. The old town is typically Moroccan in appearance with square, white flat-roofed buildings and cobbled streets. It’s very beautiful. It is all walled because they were at war for a long time.”

And there are some incredible natural sites just outside the town. “If you go ten kilometres west toward Cadiz there are sand dunes, which are around 20 feet tall and shaped like a valley. They really are a sight to behold,” says Joseph. “If you walk to the top it could be a desert even though it’s right next to the water.” Joseph says National Geographic featured this site earlier this year.

There are plenty of food options in the town too, including a vegan restaurant. Joseph says it’s busy every night of the week – the long days and winter sun mean that people visit all year round.

Joseph uses the online handle, The Stingy Nomad. He shares his personal tips on how you can work online from any destination and fund your travels as a digital nomad and his books are available on the website.

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