I’m an experienced motorbike rider and would like to take a holiday indulging my passion for biking. Where in the world would you suggest?

Owning and riding motorbikes is no longer the preserve of young, rebel-types and has become increasingly popular amongst the 40-65 age group. So it’s no surprise that specialist travel companies have sprung up to indulge people’s passion for biking.

Most will arrange suitable routes for you, providing maps and places to stop off, as well as accommodation. And some, like Eagle Rider can offer you a classic motorbike model such as a Harley-Davidson or an Indian. The tours can be self-guided or you can join a group, which can be a lot of fun and provide some companionship along the way.

One of the most famous biking routes in the world is Route 101 along the west coast of the USA. You start in Seattle in Washington State, home of the original Starbucks coffee house and the famous ‘Jetsons’-style Space Needle. The scenery is stunning as you pass through Oregon and cities like Portland, ending in San Francisco. On the way you’ll find amazing views of the Pacific and pass through the famous Giant Redwood forests.

Another classic US tour is along Route 66. This 2,500-mile highway runs cross-country from Chicago to Los Angeles and takes in amazing states such as New Mexico and Arizona. Detours from this road will allow you to see Santa Fe, with its unusual ‘adobe’ mud buildings, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

If you fancy something even more adventurous, then the company Vintage Rides offers a 14-day tour of Nepal using classic Royal Enfield bikes. The riding is pretty tough, often riding on rocky dirt tracks, but the views will be amazing.

Closer to home, Magellan Motorcycle Tours offers escorted biking holidays around Europe. These have the advantage that you can take your own motorbike on the trip. They’re offering a 21-day tour starting in Holland and driving up into the Arctic Circle. The holiday will take in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

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