On the face of it, it’s not the most exciting travel technology topic. But, if your luggage is lighter, you’ll pay less with some low-cost airlines. Our technology expert Jeremy Pearson is here with the latest developments, including luggage that works like a loudspeaker, so you can stream Spotify from your suitcase.

“Oh there’s all sorts of wonderful things coming out at the moment,” says Jeremy. “I end up talking more about luggage with people who travel regularly than the destinations,” he laughs. “I try to travel as light as possible but it’s not always easy. Lightweight luggage is becoming more popular. I’ve walked around cities carrying everything on my back, so the more they can do to make it easier to carry, the better.”

Jeremy says technology is really making inroads in security. You can now buy luggage that’s got a Bluetooth connection and lets your phone connect to the case. You can unlock your suitcase using your telephone. If you’ve ever forgotten the combination or lost the keys to your luggage you’ll realise that’s an enormous problem.

“Our phones tend to be always with us,” says Jeremy. “This Bluetooth app will make a real difference and it’s a little more secure because they can put the locking mechanism deeper within the case, so it’s harder for somebody to tamper with. And with Bluetooth and a battery in the suitcase they can now add a loudspeaker, so you can stream your music in the hotel room to your luggage! It’s also small and not heavy.”

Jeremy says this type of technology is currently only in high-end luggage but it’s trickling down to the cheaper ranges.

You can listen to my full chat with Jeremy here:


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