How would you like to live and volunteer in a different country and experience their culture like a local? You could find a project that appeals to you and offer your skills through – a portal of opportunities all over the world.

Shay Gleeson founded the site in 2014. The idea is that you offer your time at hostels, farms and volunteer projects and instead of receiving pay, you’re given accommodation and food.

Placements include a child support centre in Zimbabwe, volunteering as a teaching assistant in the Ukraine or working on a ranch in Argentina.

Shay says the website provides an opportunity for potential volunteers to get in touch with hosts. You can build up a relationship through emails or Skype, and organise the details of the stay beforehand. That means both parties are very aware of what’s expected before you travel, he says.

Shay says volunteers wanting free accommodation should expect to provide around 23 hours of work per week, while bed and food should be accompanied by around 30 hours a week. But he says it’s up to both sides to agree the terms of the stay.

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