Fancy A Challenge? Try A Swim On The Wild Side

You might enjoy a swim in the ocean or the pool when you’re on holiday. So what about a sea or lake swimming based break?

This week on Hobby Holidays on the Great Destinations Radio Show, we’re suggesting the idea of a swimming vacation! And don’t worry – you can choose from warm or cold-water locations!

Keri Jones spoke to two experts. Dewi Winkle led SwimTrek open water holidays in the British Virgin Islands, Turkey, Malta, Croatia, the Isles of Scilly and the Hebrides.

Jon Coningham-Rolls is CEO of SwimWuest. For 14 years his company has arranged swimming holidays in destinations as diverse as Cornwall, the Maldives and even group swims between Norwegian islands within the Arctic Circle.

Jon says that going on an organised trip means swimmers can really enjoy the natural environment, knowing that safety is in hand. Swimquest uses safety boats, employing local pilots’ skills, and their guides are all qualified beach lifeguards and first aiders.

Jon’s favourite UK swimming destinations are in the Westcountry – at St Michael’s Mount and Burgh Island, both places he describes as ‘iconic.’ He also loves swimming around Arundel in Sussex.

Find out more about sea swimming breaks and hear which sea-swimming holiday destinations the men recommend in our audio report.

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