Most people take a separate camera on holiday in order to capture lasting images of a special time with friends and family. But do you really need anything more than your iPhone to take the perfect picture?

In September, the East Yorkshire holiday village of Sand le Mere at Withernsea is offering guests courses in smart phone photography. They’ll be led by Elaine Taylor. Elaine won the first prize in the portrait category of the World iPhone Photography Awards.

Elaine started using a phone for photography four years ago. “It took a while to get the best out of it. A lot of it was trial and error,” she told me. “Having a workshop would have been great for me. I would have jumped ahead!”

“Technology has moved on so much now,” Elaine adds. Journalists are using phones for pictures and big brands are commissioning mobile photographers. “We’re still not at the point where we’re matching the expensive DSLRs but we are getting there,” she says.

During the sessions, Elaine will cover the basics. “Composition, light and perspective are important for any photograph,” she says. “It’s important to take a second to think about the shot. Do that and you can substantially improve the quality of the photo you take.”

Elaine is also a fan of software to help you improve your pictures. “There are apps which will help you line up an image or add creative elements like filters so you can produce some surreal imagery,” she says. So what’s Elaine’s favourite app? “Snapseed,” she replies, adding that it is good for basic editing. You can crop or blend images and it is user-friendly with a training guide.

I asked Elaine whether iPhones are better than regular cameras for certain shots. “I try to take pictures of my kids when they don’t realise I’m doing it.” Elaine likes the small, discrete size of a smart phone. “You get different angles and perspectives. I can climb up a tree or lie on the floor to get really interesting, candid shots.”

The course is taking place on 17th September 2016 and is free for guests staying at Sand le Mere Holiday Village. For more information, visit

You can hear my full conversation with Elaine Taylor here:

Photo: Obihirorabbit under Creative Commons Licence

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