For some people they’re a treat on a long, boring flight and for others they’re filled with dread. It’s in flight meals! And as you’d expect on the internet, there’s a whole website just devoted to the subject. is a sort of Tripadvisor for in flight catering, featuring pretty much every airline in the world. And the concept is simple – snap a photo of your tray, upload it and then provide a rating and a review. There are almost 40,000 pictures on the site and separate sections for Economy, Business and First class.

Meals range from what appear to be Michelin restaurant quality – including a birthday cake served on an Emirates flight, complete with battery-operated, flickering candles – through to some unidentifiable brown slop dished up on an internal flight in Russia.

You could spend hours just browsing through the images although the site does serve a useful purpose – especially if you like to know what you’ll be eating before you book your flight.

It’s not just the complimentary meals handed out on board the full-service airlines that get reviews. Food for purchase on the low cost carriers also gets the full treatment which could help you decide whether to buy something in the terminal or wait until mid-flight.

And similarly if you’re travelling on a foreign airline with, lets say, some more unusual food selections, the pics could lead you to bring a few extra Mars bars on board to tide you over to landing.

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