Bristol Heads ‘Up, Up And Away’ At The Annual Balloon Fiesta

The skies above Bristol will be filled with 150 hot air balloons later this month as the UK’s biggest balloon festival lifts off.

Sue Atkinson from the Bristol Balloon Fiesta tells the Great Destinations Radio Show that the Thursday evening of the event, the 11th August, will be very special. The balloons launch around dusk and they’ll provide an impressive sight, glowing against the backdrop of twilight. Specially composed music will accompany this ‘nightglow.’ Sue says it is “an unusual but an uplifting thing to see.” After the nightglow display on the Thursday and Saturday there’ll be fireworks too.

The Balloon Fiesta is being held at Ashton Court. If you’re an early bird, the mass ascents take place at 6am on Friday the 12th, Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th August. There’ll be plenty of places to grab breakfast on site too. The event is free. If you’re driving you just need to pay for parking and that can be purchased on the event website at

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