Something For Everyone At The Retro Festival

Here at the Great Destinations Radio Show we reckon that the Retro Festival is the most varied event we’ve ever featured. Often you’ll hear people use the term ‘there is something for everyone.’ Well this event can make that claim because the programme is so varied.

Organiser Paul Jezard says the concept covers the styles and sounds of the 1930s to the 1970s. Dressing up from the era of your choice is part of the fun. There are plenty of styles to choose – from land girls to Teddy Boys. Paul says people dress up, “because it makes them feel good and that’s what the event is all about.”

You’ll be able to recreate the moves of the Mods and Rockers and jive or jitterbug with an extensive programme of live acts. Some performers are tribute artists recreating the sound of the period or the era’s top performers. The Small Fakers and Ready Steady Who fall into that category. 60’s chart-toppers Cliff Bennett and Chris Farlowe will also perform.

There’s also going to be a record attempt as organisers are try to get the largest number of pre-1960s living accommodation vehicles in one place. That includes old-fashioned motorhomes, shepherd huts and caravans. There’ll be steam engines and a 1940s funfair on the field, too. Paul says it’s “all the old stuff and will include Wurlitzers and bumper cars.” He adds that, “Winston Churchill felt that funfairs were important in boosting morale and were used to bring smiles to people’s faces.” While that’s going on a Spitfire and biplanes will fly above.

Retro Festival runs from the 12th to 14 August at the Newbury Showground in Berkshire and you can find details at

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