Today’s useful website promises to help you tackle jetlag.

Jetlag is not nice and long flights, crossing seven to twelve time zones, usually creates more severe jetlag. So how do you know you have it? Apart from being unable to sleep it could also affect your appetite, digestion, bowel habits or blood pressure.

You might avoid restless nights or lethargy if you try to get your body clock in sync with the time zone where you’ll be staying. JetLagRooster asks for your flight departure and arrival times and your regular bedtime. You can then ask the website to suggest changes to your sleep pattern for three days before you leave.

I pretended that I was flying from London to Los Angeles, a long 11-hour flight and one that requires an 8-hour shift behind London time. The site offered me altered bedtimes for the three days before the flight, suggesting I hit the sack an hour later each day. It also advised seeking light before bed and sleeping later and said I should set my watch to LA time on the evening before travel. I hope people don’t miss their flights!

Is it a good tool or a gimmick? You can review it at and please let us know how you get on. The site is free.

The NHS suggests that you avoid napping as soon as you arrive, even if you’re tired. If you stay active until the correct time to sleep at your destination your body could adjust quicker. They also say that daylight will help your body adjust to a new routine following most flights.

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