I’d like to travel along the eastern coast of Canada, visiting the main cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and Québec, but I’m worried about driving long distances. Is there a train I can take instead of flying? James, Norwich

Many people will know of Canada’s iconic long-distance trains, like the Rocky Mountaineer, which travels between Banff, Jasper and Vancouver in the west. But the country’s more populated eastern seaboard has a great intercity network, operated by VIA rail.

The huge size of Canada means journey times are a bit longer than in the UK, taking just under five hours to get between Toronto and Montréal and a further three hours to reach Québec City.

But unlike the UK, trains are comfortable and relatively cheap. A single economy fare from Montreal to Toronto costs from Can$78 (currently £46) and all seats are reserved, so there’s no need to stand! Business class is particularly good value and includes larger seats with complimentary meals, drinks and snacks brought to your seat.

You can get information on routes and timetables, book and receive an electronic ticket at VIA Rail’s website.

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