We’re always looking for a bargain on the Great Destinations Radio Show and this website fits the bill perfectly. FareFreePublicTransport.com lists places around the world where you can travel on selected bus, tram, train and ferry routes for absolutely nothing.

I already knew about free circular tram in Melbourne, Australia, which is listed on the site. I found it to be a great way to get around the main tourist sites in this lovely city.

But the number of complimentary services in the USA, a country not known for its public transport, came as a surprise. Probably the best known, and a must for visitors, is the Staten Island Ferry. The 5 mile, 25 minute ride from Manhattan to Staten Island provides a majestic view of New York Harbor and doesn’t cost a penny. And if you’re visiting the historic and very pretty town of Savannah in the southern state of Georgia, you can get around the centre on the free DOT bus service.

If you’re arriving at Boston’s Logan Airport, then you can take the free Silver Line Bus to the downtown Southway Station. A cab would set you back around $30.

Over in Europe, the town of Livigno in the Italian Alps has several free bus routes, including free shuttles to the ski lifts. There are even so no-fare services in the UK. I didn’t know that Bradford has a Free City Bus that runs every ten minutes, Monday to Saturday, on a circular route around the city. And in Manchester, three Metroshuttle buses link the major stations, shopping areas and car parks. They’re completely free.

Check out FareFreePublicTransport.com to see if you can blag a free ride on your next trip.

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