The travel reviews on Sarah Ebner’s website are a team effort. Sarah is the spokesperson for the successful Family Travel Times site but her husband Brian and children, 14-year-old Jess and 11-year-old Robert, all contribute their reviews and recommendations.

The family appeared to have a fantastic time in Florida so I asked Sarah to share her thoughts on their favourite theme parks and the very special Disney experience. “I’ve always wanted to go to Orlando and Disney but it was the only time that my parents said ‘no’. They couldn’t afford to pay for three children,” Sarah recounts, “so I swore I would take my own children. In fact, I was amazed by the number of adults who said that we were very good for taking the children – as if my husband and I didn’t want to go!”

“I’m not a rides person but I loved it and I loved Epcot and the Hollywood studios. The kids loved it all. My son was really into Harry Potter at the time so Universal Studios was amazing as they had the new Harry Potter ride.”

Sarah managed to get in to all the big attractions and the family had a special surprise at the most famous park. “We went to the Magic Kingdom, the one with a Cinderella Castle. It was 45 minutes before it opened and somebody came up and asked us to be the ‘family of the day’ and open the park. The man told me that they have millions of visitors each year but only 365 families open the park.”

Sarah says her family ended up being part of the opening show. “I cried because I thought ‘I have waited my whole life to come here and now I am doing this.’ All I had to do was say ‘good morning.’ I think that I sounded the most Mary Poppins I have ever sounded!” Sarah recalls.

“All day people were coming up to us saying you are the family who opened the park.” Sarah says that made the day “truly magical” and she advises visitors to the themes parks to get into the right frame of mind. “These are happy places. If you go with cynicism it’s not going to work,” she adds.

Siam Park in Tenerife often wins awards for being the best waterpark in the world. Sarah’s family rates that highly. “I liked the lazy river ride and there’s a lovely beach you can lie on and a wave machine. It’s really good fun. My son went on all the crazy rides.”

Sarah and her family went to Cornwall for the first time this summer and she says it was fantastic for a family because there was so much to do. “It was absolutely gorgeous. I know it’s predictable that someone should say that,” she adds. Sarah stayed near Truro and drove around the county. “We went to the Eden Project and Tintagel Castle. I loved the Lost Gardens of Heligan too.” Sarah and her family also took part in a game of football-golf. “It’s like crazy golf with a football. The holes are really big,” she laughed.

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