There are some amazing destinations within easy reach of Britain thanks to low cost carriers. Some of those places are overshadowed by better-known towns and cities.

If you’re interested in Roman history we recommend taking a cheap flight to Reus in the Costa Daurada in Spain. Reus is 105 km from Barcelona and just 12 minutes drive from Tarragona. It’s a town recognised by UNESCO for its Roman remains.

Tomas Björklund
is from the Costa Daurada Golf Association and says it’s worth visiting Tarragona. “It was the capital of the Roman Empire in the Iberian peninsular. There are Roman remains all over town. As you walk around the older parts you’ll see Roman history everywhere. Kids play amongst the ruins and old walls. It’s amazing,” he says.

The major attraction is the impressive 2nd century amphitheatre, which was build to seat 15,000 spectators. Thomas says it’s easy to get to. “It’s right next to the Mediterranean, where the Ramblas ends. You can overlook it from above, from a balcony, and walk the steps down. It’s a very easy walk. At certain times of the year locals dress up as gladiators to commemorate the heritage of the town.”


Tarragona also has a lot to offer lovers of authentic Spanish cuisine. “It’s famous for its tapas restaurants but it’s different to the tapas of many cities. The tapas here are more complex. It’s a high-end version of the dish. It’s a really popular thing to do on a Wednesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday night. That’s when people go out.” Tarragona is home to 250,000 residents and Tomas says there is always something going on.

Tomas’ passion is golf and says this coast is becoming more popular as a golfing destination because it’s easy to play here and the weather conditions are favourable. “We have seven courses and superb availability,” he says. “If you want a 10am tee off you can get it. That’s not the case in much of Spain or Portugal. We have good championship courses and our layouts have been created by famous people like Trent Jones Jr and Greg Norman. Many have hosted European tour events.”

Tomas says the Costa Daurada offers a great winter break location for British golfers. “If you visit in February, which is often a rainy month in Britain, we have an average of just three days of registered rain in that month. It’s a very dry place to go if you want winter golf.”

If you fancy getting in a few rounds and brushing up on Roman history you can learn more about this easy getaway at

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