Ever had a sudden craving for a particular type of food? Well this website could be what you’re looking for.

Enter your location and your favourite nibble into Foodspotting.com and a map will appear with photographs showing the dishes you’re interested in and where to buy them.

For instance I put the bizarre choice of ‘custard’ into the search box and I set my location as Edinburgh. The map quickly appeared with a couple of recommendations – the apple crumble at a restaurant called The Standing Order on George Street or lemon cream tart at Costa Coffee on Hanover Street.

When I entered a search for ‘meatballs’ in the New York borough of Brooklyn, again I received photos of what was on offer and details of where to find it.

The site is a bit like Tripadvisor and you are reliant on the reviews of the general public. I hope that they are real people rather than restaurant owners who are putting up the pictures but if you’re looking for a certain type of food, whether it’s vegan or gluten free, or you have difficult to please diners, the site is really useful.

The results appear on a scalable map, making it really useful for travellers unfamiliar with their destination. You can filter your chosen food based on the latest comments or the options that receive the most likes or hearts from users.

So next time you have a good meal, irritate your fellow diners by taking out your camera phone and uploading the picture and the location to Foodspotting.com.

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