Whether it’s a trip of a lifetime down California’s iconic coast road or escaping the theme parks in Florida, it’s worth taking a look at Roadtrippers.com to help you plan your route

At first glance it looks like a typical route-planning site, where you enter your starting point and destination and it shows you how to get there. But the cool thing about this website is that it will flag up what’s available along the route, including accommodation, natural features like parks, rivers and lakes as well as ‘off-beat’ attractions, such as the more unusual theme parks, museums or just plain weird things!

I plotted a route from Miami in Florida to New Orleans in Louisiana. The site gave me a diverse list of suggestions for things to see along the way including Alpaca Magic, the Machine Gun Museum and a centre dedicate to voodoo magic!

It also listed places to eat and entertainment venues, such as bars that provide music. If I’d been camping or driving a campervan, then I could also find sites to stay along the route.

If you click on a point of interest near your plotted route, it will automatically incorporate that into the guide, which you can send to your sat-nav to help get around once you’re there. Alternatively, look at the site’s list of suggested routes if you need a bit of inspiration for your next trip.

You can find the site at Roadtrippers.com.

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