I’m 75-years old and would like to fly from London to Edinburgh to see my sister this year, rather than taking the train. The problem is my passport has expired and i don’t have a driving licence. Will the airline let me fly? Dorothy, Reading

As you want to fly on a domestic route you don’t need a passport or driving licence although you will need some other form of photographic identification.

This can include a recognised company ID card, a police warrant badge, armed forces ID, a Student Union card, an EU or Swiss national identity card or a firearms certificate. However from your description of yourself, I suspect you probably don’t hold any of these!

If your old passport expired less than two years ago, you can use that. You can also use a Council-issued bus pass, a disabled badge with a photo on it or a pension book, which is the only non-photographic form of ID that’s accepted.

But just make sure you check the name on your chosen form of ID. It must match exactly with your ticket, i.e. no nicknames or shortened forms of your Christian name, like ‘Dot’ or you could be refused at check-in or at the security gate.

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