Have you ever expressed your dissatisfaction with a hotel stay on a review website? People generally don’t.

A report by a company called Revinate has revealed that two thirds of feedback on European hotels was positive last year. And the higher the hotel’s star grading, the better the feedback. Hotels in Greece received the best feedback and over 70% of their reviews were positive.

Britain’s B&B and hotel industry is now one of the best-rated on the planet. In another report Tripadvisor has analysed millions of ratings given by their users over the last decade in fifteen parts of he world. Last year, UK accommodation providers saw an average review rating of 4.16 out of 5. That puts us second, with only Italy doing better, gaining an average of 4.20.

It’s a big improvement for our hospitality industry. Ten years ago Britain scored just 3.57 and we were the lowest of the 15 markets. Since then our hotels and B&B’s have been better rated than those in Spain, France, Thailand and the US.

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