The latest in our series of time and money saving websites is

Now you probably know that sometimes if you’re flying to a city it can be cheaper catching a plane to another nearby destination. Airports serving certain destinations can be really close to each other, or even just across the border in a different country.

Biarritz in France isn’t too far from Bilbao in Spain and you can travel cheaply between the two by bus for about £10. But using normal websites you’d have to do two separate searches for each destination to discover those fares. lets you run a circle around your departure airport – you set a radius in miles. So you could set your house at the centre of the search. The site will also automatically draw a radius ring around your departure airport.

The technology is clever because it shows all of the prices for airports in the zone within a set distance from your home. You can also set up the radius ring around your chosen destination and find some nearby cheaper alternative airports.

If you put in your first choice airport and a date, will tell you the lowest fare from that place. I put in Glasgow on the 4th of September. The cheapest ticket was just under £15 to Dublin.

The site found a really cheap flight from Warsaw to Manila at around £200. Direct flights to the Philippines from Britain normally cost more than double that. But with this data, you could choose to take a cheap flight to Poland, change planes and save a lot.

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