The last thing you want to do is spend your precious holiday time queuing. That’s where  can help.

It estimates how long you’ll be hanging around and suggests the best times to visit. At Florida’s Disney Magic Kingdom Park, home to the ‘Haunted Mansion” and ‘Pirates Of the Caribbean’ attractions, the site says the busiest day is Monday, with Fridays and Saturdays also proving very popular. The calmest days are Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Put the Tower of London into the search box and it says that it is best to visit in the morning mid-week. And if you’re off to Rome, avoid the Basilica queues by visiting either early in the morning before 9am, or in the afternoon after 4pm. They say that an hour before the closing time you will most likely never see a queue even in high season.

The site doesn’t have every destination but it has the major attractions. It’ll also estimate when it’s best to ring a variety of companies to avoid call centre waits.

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