Keri Jones reports from the wide squares and café-filled pedestrian streets of Serbia’s second city, Novi Sad. This area of the Balkans has changed hands a few times over the years because the city lies alongside the River Danube, a vital trade and communication route.

A massive fort, described as Europe’s biggest, was built to protect the city. Keri visited this impressive citadel and he learned how it has been repurposed as a rock and pop concert venue and a centre for local artists.

Across the river in the town, he calls into Novi Sad’s museum to view Serbia’s most incredible archaeological find. Keri will explain why it is an incredible sight! He also visits the Beekeeping Museum and learns how a Serbian changed that industry. Whilst he was there, he had a honey tasting.



Why Serbia’s Novi Sad Should Be On Your Must-See List

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