Keri Jones visits the city famous for Motown music and the motorcar! He visits Hitsville USA – the Motown museum and the Ford Auto Plant, which is open for tours. During his trip Keri also discovers Detroit’s local take on ten-pin bowling. It’s good fun and rather different.

Detroit is bouncing back from severe economic and social problems that have seen hundreds-of-thousands of residents leave the city. It’s become a hip, forward-thinking city with a downtown free of the chain stores. Instead, you’ll find unique and locally owned businesses, as Keri discovered.

The architecture is incredible, too. The city skyline is dotted with art-deco skyscrapers, visible remainders of the city’s former wealth. Detroit’s buildings are so magnificent that the city earned the nickname, ‘The Paris Of The Midwest’.



Detroit Is Back! How ‘The Paris Of The Midwest’ Is Rediscovering Itself

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