If you love wandering around towns and cities, searching out their modern architectural wonders, then you’ll enjoy the MIMOA website.

It stands for Mi Modern Architecture and lists thousands of distinctive buildings around the world. You can search based on your location then filter the results into the type of building you’re looking for, such as government offices or bridges. You can also find work by a particular architect or firm.

It’s a great way to discover more unusual, often smaller, modern buildings and structures in the places you’re visiting. Travel guides will list the big tourist attractions, like art galleries, but MIMOA will let you search for domestic houses, bars, restaurants, factories, office buildings and other sites that would usually get left off the tourist trail.

For example, if you put in Amsterdam, you get a list of modern architectural gems including the Highway Police headquarters, a drug addiction centre, a train station, a hospital and a motorway bridge – not something you’d usually find in a guide book! There are also several distinctive modern hotels listed, which could provide ideal bases for architecture lovers.

There’s a brief description and a photo of each location, so you can decide whether it’s worth adding to your itinerary as well as address details and a map. There are also regular articles giving information on different cities in the world and where to discover the best architecture.

To explore the world of modern architecture, go to www.mimoa.eu.

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