Each week on the Great Destinations Radio Show we feature remarkable rooms. And this time we’ve found the perfect hotel for petrol heads!

The V8 Hotel is just outside Stuttgart and it’s next door to a vintage motor museum, Motorworld. It’s a motor hotel not a motel! Ten of the rooms have been creatively designed on a car theme.

I spoke with the hotel’s assistant manager Sabine. She talked me through the options for guests. One room recreates a car wash and you sleep in a bed created out of the body of a vintage vehicle, underneath pillar brushes, pipes and a car wash programme terminal just like the real drive through. There’s also a room designed to resemble a garage and one that looks like a drive through movie lot. I asked Sabine whether there was a mini cinema. Not exactly, but you do get a larger flat screen TV and a DVD player.

In the petrol station themed room you sleep in a VW Beetle opposite fake petrol pumps. The shower attachments also look like a ‘gas station.’ It’s very clever, but is it comfortable? “Yes,” replied Sabine. “It’s more comfortable than sleeping in a car!” It’s got a full width king size bed.

The most exclusive room in the hotel is the Mercedes suite, which covers three floors and includes a sauna and a terrace. As you might imagine, you sleep in a Merc.

I asked Sabine whether it was mainly men who booked the rooms. After laughing she confirmed that, “it’s often guys who reserve rooms but wives also book for husbands or there are some mothers who book a night or two for their sons.” Most of the guests stay there to check out the motor museum next door. And some go on to visit the nearby the Porsche Museum or the Mercedes-Benz Museum. You can also tour the Mercedes factory if you book ahead.

There’s more about this special place to stay in Stuttgart on V8hotel.de.

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