Devon and Cornwall have topped the list of the most popular ‘staycation’ spots for British travellers.

A survey by hotel booking company Secret Escapes has shown that over half of us would choose these two counties for a short break, with London, Cumbria and Dorset taking the next three places.

The responses also showed that 26% of us take short UK breaks in addition to longer holidays abroad and 52% considered staycations, usually lasting between three days and a week, to be one of “life’s little luxuries.”

While we often plan ahead for foreign holidays, over a third of people have booked a short break on a whim to treat themselves or a loved one, and a further 15% have spontaneously booked a last-minute trip to make the most of good weather.

But the survey also showed that modern technology is having an impact on where we holiday in the UK.

Capturing the sights is key for many tourists and locations that provide excellent photography opportunities and social media bragging rights are popular with a third of visitors.

And the ever increasing importance of remaining connected, even when away, means that only a fifth of us would choose remote locations that are “off the grid.”

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