This week’s Great Destinations Radio Show Website of the Week will help you decide where you could go on holiday, based on your budget and interests. asks you to pick your travel dates and how much money you want to spend. It seems to work all over the world but we used UK departures in pounds to road test the site.

I entered a low spend of £555 for a last-minute mid-June break. You can personalise the results by indicating what is important to you using the filter. If, for instance, you want good nightlife move the slider next to that option.

There are similar ways to decide how important ease of travel, food, history, attractions or room comfort are to your holiday. You can move the slider and that will increase or decrease your cost.

In the room comfort category there are four options and you can switch between the budget backpacker option through to upscale. When I selected high comfort and food as important, the site produced a map of Europe with suggested breaks in Prague at £575 or Budapest at £570 pinned onto the map. When I made comfort less important the prices fell and Cairo popped up as a £577 option for the week.

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