Most visitors to Iceland tend to travel in summer when the weather is better. It’s warmer and there’s up to 24 hours of daylight.

Not Paul Kocak! Paul lives in upstate New York, another area known for bitterly cold winds and blizzards.

Paul told his friends, “anyone can go south in the winter – I want to go true north.”

Paul joined Keri Jones on the Great Destinations Radio show to talk about his book. He says he had preconceived ideas about Iceland and many turned out to be incorrect.

Hear Paul discuss the sights, snacks and souvenirs of Iceland:

Paul Kocak’s book, Lost and Found in Iceland is available on Amazon.

If you fancy traveling from the UK to Iceland then Wow Air offer £140 return flights from Edinburgh in September. You can grab a round trip from Gatwick for £114 return.

Icelandair offer the 2 hour and 35 minute flight from Manchester for £126 return. Prices correct in June 2016.

Hear Paul’s short review of Iceland here:


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