I wonder how many Puerto Ricans were on the coaches that passed me this morning as I drove past Stonehenge. They’ll certain see Britain as it is depicted in the movies – on a bleak, murky, misty midwinter morning!

A few years ago I interviewed a party of Spanish travel journalists in my job as a news reporter for the radio station on the Isles Of Scilly. Like most Brits meeting overseas visitors, I ended up apologising for the weather. It was June, after all. But I wasn’t prepared for their reaction. They loved the low cloud, cold and drizzle! When your weather is 36°C and wall–to-wall sunshine, the rain and reduced visibility is, apparently, ‘refreshing’.

If anyone from San Juan is stepping out of their coach convoy into the Wiltshire wet, I hope they share those Spanish visitors’ philosophy. To me, travel is all about experiencing something that you’re not used to. Blue skies and the chance to wear shorts in the winter would do it for me! But I am really making the trip pursuing the promise of a bustling, lively, vibrant town filled with brightly coloured buildings, cobbled streets, the sounds of salsa and the taste of rum. All far-removed from my drizzle-drenched Dorset home, which I left in the pre-dawn darkness this morning.

Over the next few days, join me on my tour of the Puerto Rican capital where I’ll be sampling local specialties on a food and drink tour. A tour guide will share his secrets of the UNESCO World Heritage town centre with us, as we get taken on a private walking tour and we’ll meet the passionate art-lover who has created accommodation that’s really ‘a gallery with guest rooms.’

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